QB Wrap Out Of The Spread Offense

One of my favorite plays when possessing a dual threat quarterback out of the spread offense is the QB wrap or 'gut' play.  There are some variations out of this play, as when I first started running the spread offense in 1996 we used to call it a QB counter, when we kicked out with the guard and 'gut' or escorted with the tackle.
If you have a tough, athletic quarterback who can protect the football and run with it, this is a play you should have in your spread offense attack.
Here is a diagram of the play.
As you'll see in the diagram, I drew it up against a 4-3 look with the secondary dropping the strong safety (SS) into the right (defenses left) gray area just outside of the box. I call this the gray area because the Will and SS are what we call fence players, with one foot in the box, and the other outside to defend against any bubble or quick screen by the number two receivers on both sides of the 2x2 formation.
This play to me summarizes the beauty of the spread offense with a dual threat quarterback. Look at the jam the defense is in at the point of attack and on the perimeter where your pursuit needs to come from to assist in the tackle.
Now on this play the way I drew it up, the Mike (Middle backer) is not stunting into his A-gap responsibility, he's reading his keys and will be filling pretty hard once he digests all his keys. I've ran this play in games where the Mike has blown this up, but I've also ran it where the Mike begins to slide left (offenses right) towards the zone play (especially if you're running the zone well), and this thing opens up like the red sea.
Another coaching point is the bubble screen fakes on both sides of the formation. Now in order to make this effective in causing those perimeter defenders to hesitate for that second to honor the bubble, you need to execute the bubble screen well in games.  If you're not executing the bubble screen because the defense always has it well defended, then you better be running the ball well within the box, because you should have the numbers you need to run the football.
Lastly, since this is not a 'read' play but a designed mis-direction play, the tailback or superback has to sell the zone run play hard, carrying out his fake all the way past the line of scrimmage to get Mike and Buck backers initially flowing left (the offenses right).
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